R M Williams - The Yearling Adelaide Boots

by - 22:33

Hello, yes, hi - I have officially joined the R.M Williams club after obtaining my very first pair of R.M boots (courtesy of my Nana).

The boots I got were The Yearling Adelaide Boots in black. I tried them on in brown and I looooved them, but they didn't have the right size so I went with the black which i'm still in love with. But i'd say I will definitely be going back to get the brown, and I might get the brown in the Adelaide Cuban Heel.

Online the description of the boot reads:

"This refined, versatile women's boot is new from R.M.Williams and is beautifully crafted from one piece of leather in our Adelaide factory. The Adelaide features a feminine toe shape, a lower height profile giving an elegant line into the ankle and a tapered heel with a rubber grip heel piece. The signature RM tugs have been resized and specifically designed for a woman."

Ahhh... don't they just sound perfect?

I'm seriously obsessed. Thanks Nana for making my life.

Zane also got a pair. He went for one of the classic boots, in brown too. They look so good on him and will match the belt buckle I got for him for his 17th birthday!


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