I've started running!?

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This is going to sound very, very strange but I seem to have ignited a passion for running.

I know this isn't unheard of with people of similar fitness and lifestyles of me, but it seems most people get hooked in the summer months when there's a combination of lighter evenings, slightly warmer temperatures, longer days and the need to obtain a ‘summer body’.

I however, have become hooked in the middle of winter, after having a gym membership for a mere month or so and wanting to use it because I am so far below the poverty line that all of my money is going to the gym each week and thus, I need to go.


At the moment, I'm no Forrest Gump and can only manage about 3km before I am literally drowning in my own sweat and have my lungs burning - but it is a start.

And I will get better - it's only been two weeks lol.

But it will be interesting to see if getting my jog on helps me lose some of this chunkiness that i've accumulated since I left school and stopped playing sport and started taking up full-time drinking.

As well as starting running, i'm also upping my water intake as all good fitness people recommend.

Go me! Woohoo.

If only I could run away from my problems...


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