Wellington for the weekend

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Well it's fair to say that after attending my very first engagement party over the weekend, I'm feeling very old. Well not very old, but pretty bloody old.

I shot down to Wellington for one night over Queens Birthday weekend to celebrate Sam and Bekah's engagement, along with a few of my B-School besties and it was such a hoot.

We all got pretty bloody lit and then headed into town hitting up 3 bars that had buggar all people in them but we made them fun. We finished the night at BK and then crashed at the ibis hotel. Very fun.

To sum up the night in 5 bullet points here it goes:

  • The B-Schooler's were the drunkest ones at the party by far
  • An African bouncer dragged us all into the African bar and we were the only white ones there
  • A guy called me 'Maria Sharapova' and I pushed him
  • A guy in full Hurricanes gear at BK didn't know anything about rugby
  • Only Bri spewed and none of us were hungover when we woke up

The next day we woke up a little dusty and headed to Kadins to cook up a massive breakfast. As we are all working in radio, none of us have the funds to go out and eat breakfast so we made our own bacon and eggs. Ruby earned herself the nickname of 'the egg destroyer' after she completely butchered everyone's eggs as she tried to transfer them from the frying pan to the toast.

Then we were off to Te Papa. A great free activity to do in Wellington.

I was absolutely blown TF away by the Gallipoli exhibition. If you've read my previous posts you will know about my love for ANZAC Day, so seeing this exhibition was simply amazing. Especially the giant soldiers that WETA workshop created - Holy eff that is crazy.

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