2017 Radio Awards

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I finally got to experience my first NZ Radio Awards last night, one of the most sort-after events on every radio persons social calendar. Where everyone in radio comes together and gets a little competitive, but has a whole lot of fun and a whole lot to drink.

This year it was pretty flash, held at Shed 10 on the Auckland Waterfront and we got to sit at tables with delicious snacks and what seemed like an endless supply of booze.

Pretty much the whole day at work was a write-off. Everyone tried to cram what they absolutely needed to do into their mornings' work and then as soon as 12pm struck, pretty much everyone stopped what they were doing to get ready.

Us Mai girls got ready in our office. I snuck away to get my hair did because I can't do my hair to save my life. I can barely straighten it, so don't even talk to me about curling. Absolutely useless!

Getting my hair curled was only $30 so, I was very grateful to the lovely hairdresser lady who tamed my mane.

The Mai team all had a few bevvys before we headed in our Uber's down to Shed 10.

2017 Radio Awards 🎉

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The awards happened, I didn't win my prize that I was nominated for (hey, still grateful for the nod), and Mai missed out on a couple of other awards too. But we did get Kool to Korero so that is something.

By the time 9pm came around, I was full on lit as a mo'fo. I had lost track of everyone from Mediaworks, had no idea what the name of the bar the afterparty was at and so just gave up and Uber'd home.

In bed by 10, classic.

Hopefully, next year is an improvement and I can get nominated for an award again and fingers crossed can make it to the after party.


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