The things Sinead & I did while she visited Auckland

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As mentioned in my Piha Missions post earlier on in the piece, Sinead came to Auckland to escape West Otago for the weekend. She arrived on the Friday night to a very hungover and very tired Talia who had been out for a big (huge) night the night before because of the first survey party of the year.

I collected her from the airport after work and drove her back toward home, stopping for tea at McDonald's where we both ordered a chicken bacon deluxe combo, however only one of us was able to stomach the feast and that one of us was not me. As said above, I was very hungover and very tired.

I bet Sinead was wondering why she had even come to visit this useless piece of person aka me.

After McD's we headed to go get some beers and then it was up the hill to my flat to show her my digs and meet the pussy's of Pussy Palace (Tama & Wiremu that is).

We chilled out, watched some shit TV and then I made Sinead go to bed by 10.30. She told me she was tired too. I think she was just being nice.

The next day I knew I had to make it up to her, so I let her know the full day ahead we had planned. At 9:30am we headed up Mt Eden to soak in the beautiful vista of Auckland. Her old Otago Uni mate Abbe came along for the stroll too which was nice. We took some pics up the top of the summit and then made our way back down to the car to drive to my workplace and show the pair of them around the radio stations.

After they saw the stations, it was off across the Harbour Bridge to the North Shore, Takapuna for brunch by the water. It was eggs bene's all around, no hollandaise sauce of course.

After Taka, it was back in the car for a trip down to Onehunga for a spot of shopping at Dresssmart. Sinead, Abbe & I all picked up some items, Sinead did the most shopping.

After that, it was time to head back to the flat and plan our night. Abbe went home for a couple hours to get through some chores, while Sinead and I hooked into the beers, chips and chilly philly while watching season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix.

Then Abbe came back to the flat, we headed down to Dominion Road for some Asian cuisine down at Barilla Dumplings and then we proceeded to get ready for our night out in Ponsonby.

We danced the night away until we uber'd home with a complete legend who handed us out free mentos and tictacs, as well as a water bottle for Sinead who had uncontrollable hiccups and was on the verge of vomiting throughout his car.

We slept.

We awoke.

We then said goodbye to Abbe and hello to Hayley Perfect and headed up the Waitakere Ranges to have brunch. We ate at Elevation and then headed down the hill to Piha to check out the beach.

After the beach, we dropped Hayley home and Sinead and I embarked to Rainbow's End with our free double pass courtesy of Bri. I managed to get on three rides, Sinead on four, however, we were forced to leave after Sinead's fourth ride as hungover + spinny rides = major nausea and so we were unable to enjoy ourselves anymore on any other rides.

It was such a great weekend having Sinead up in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland for the first time with me. It was a super fun weekend where we managed to pack everything in. So very fun and can't wait til next time.

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