Piha missions

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 Sinead escaped the deep south over the weekend to come and stay with me and do loads of fun activities that she had never explored before.

Amongst all the little missions I had planned for her, one of them was to head out to Elevation, a cafe nestled in amongst the forest of the Waitakere Ranges, and then travel down the hill to Piha - famous for having it's very own television show.

Elevation is ah-mazing and definitely, a must do for somebody visiting Auckland! You get an awesome view of Auckland City and all the suburbs that surround it. On a clear day, you can see right out to the North Shore and really take in how big this city is. The drive out there is definitely worth it. The food is pretty darn amazing too, reminds me kind of a South Island cafe. The staff are so friendly and the prices don't leave you gawking and holding your heart in sheer horror that you have to fork out half of your kidney to pay for your meal. Always a bonus.

I got the B.L.T with a side of chips and an Iced Mocha, oh so fancy for me lol. Hayley grabbed a steak sammie and Sinead got a pizza. They both also got a flat white.

Then after we finished our meals and our chinwagging session, we paid for our meal, jumped in the car and headed down the other side of the Ranges to the beautiful Piha.

Piha Beach was pumping as per. Unfortunately, there was a massive fire there in the early hours that morning which wiped out a few places in town and meant that there were a lot of fire engines and firefighters floating about the place, which absolutely sucks for all involved. But still, tourists and locals alike were spending their Sunday at the beautiful west coast beach.

I also would like to note that I almost lost a shoe trying to cross one of the estuaries leading back out to the ocean. #RIP to my grey Globes. You were once a great sneaker and I am so sorry I drowned you while trying to chase a duck and cross a river at the same time.

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