Happy birthday Grandad

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Happy 86th birthday, Grandad! In four days, it's going to be Grandad's birthday. Grandad passed away a year ago today (24th of May) and while it was super sad, as cheesy as this sounds, I have the best memories of him ever. Grandad was always so positive, loved his beer and was always laughing right up until his last day.

Last year, we celebrated Grandad's 85th birthday just a day before his funeral. We had a birthday cake with the family to celebrate and went down to his grave to have a Tui (Nana had a brandy). It was incredibly sad but at the same time so nice.

This year, we are celebrating Grandad's birthday all together as a family again in Hawera and i'm so excited to see my nana again and be with her on what is an incredibly sad day for her, no doubt.

<3 <3

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