I met Charlotte Crosby & Stephen Bear

by - 23:04

Yesterday I met Charlotte Crosby, from Geordie Shore and my favourite of the Geordie's, and Stephen Bear aka Bear from Ex On The Beach, but tbh I don't really know who he is, only that he goes out with Charlotte and that they star in a new show together called Just Tattoo Of Us.

They had a couply challenges to do against the drive show and they were so crack up. Charlotte was farting away, ran out of an interview to go poop and they were all just having a laugh the whole time - they were great.

(Yeah, I got on Bear's my story)

Later that night I went to the NZ MTV launch of Just The Tattoo Of Us with Katie & Kieran. It was funny, we knew like no one there at all but it was still a real hoot.

We watched Charlotte & Bear give each other tattoos, ate heaps of curly fries and drunk a few wee beersies.

I cracked up halfway through the night because I get a snapchat from Zane and he's like proud little brother moment and then Connar and Dylan J snapchatted me and were like WTF you're in Johnny Danger's snapchat!? And then I get these screenshots sent to me and what do you know, i'm in the back of Johnny Danger's snapchat.

What a fun day and what good buggars Charlotte and Bear are.

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