Big J's Takeaways

by - 23:01

The Urban List has called it, Concrete Playground has called it and so have various people around the work offices - Big J's Takeaways has some of the best, cheapest burgers in Auckland.

Always up for a challenge, Hayley & I decided to try it out for ourselves and see if the title was worthy enough to give to the fish and chip shop located out in Mt Wellington.

We drove out there after lunchtime - long drive, filled with traffic, typical Auckland - and found a park right outside. There were already multiple people inside eating.

We ordered a scoop of chips with chicken salt to share, a Sprite Zero each and then Hayley ordered the Special Burger with a beef patty, mushrooms, bacon, onion, cheese and aioli - yum. And then I ordered the chicken bacon burger.

I think the burgers were about $8 each, mean.

It was to take about 10 minutes, so Hayley & I took the spare table outside, out front and waited the wait until our food was all done and dusted.

When we unwrapped the food our jaws dropped, it looked and tasted ah-mazing.

Even though the drive was long, I think I would so go out here again for a hungover feed. It was so yum. Burgers were perfect, chips were perfect, drinks were cold, people were nice.

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