Auckland Botanical Gardens

by - 14:20

We came, we saw, we conquered - in about ten minutes.

After Hayley & I had a cute wee lunch break at Big J's Takeaways, we decided to take to Google to see what we could do in the area that was free and fun. I mean, we had driven all the way out to Mt Wellington and we couldn't possibly justify that we drove all the way out there for just a burger, so we selected the Auckland Botanic Gardens as our other venture while we were out South.

It took us about 20 minutes to park - no exaggeration. The car park was chocka, so chocka in fact that there was a guy having to manage people pulling in and out of parks, just like at Christmas time at the mall. Absolute scenes, I tell ya.

We eventually got a park, climbed out of the car and strode our way into the Gardens. We were lowkey scared that there would be a surprise 'you have to pay to enter' area, but our anxiety was quickly overturned when we sped straight for the door out into the field.

As said earlier, we conquered the place in about 10 minutes. There were so many people there all milling around, and Hayley and I quickly realised we knew nothing about plants nor really cared, to be honest. So we checked out the edible plant section, the native plant section and then looped passed the pond before we headed back to our car to give up our carpark to someone else who had been waiting a good 20 minutes for one.

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