My favourite memories from my student days

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 Now I am officially a big-time adult, I thought I would collate together some of my best memories of my time studying in Christchurch.

I made so many new friends and connections in Christchurch, learned so much about myself, drank litres and litres of alcohol, had so many laughs, did so many new things and I thought it would be only good for myself to put together a post on my fabulous times I had while I lived in the garden city, Christchurch.

Exploring Christchurch was a pretty cool part of living there. I think I had been to Christchurch once or twice before in my lifetime and it was when I was young and also pre-earthquake so when I moved up there, it was all completely different.

Of course, attending the New Zealand Broadcasting School was a massive highlight. It was the reason I was in Christchurch. Getting to help on Jacked FM and helping create a radio station, Chalk 961, was such a cool experience.

Probably my favourite memories of Christchurch was the dress ups i'd get involved with. My first flat at O House (Flat 6 represent) our flat would continually dress up in epic themed costumes. In fact, we were an award winning flat, winning flat of the year at O House or something along the lines.

Any costume parties, I was all over it like a rash. One of my favourite things in the world is costume parties.

My ABSOLUTE hands down favourite memory was going to the Super Rugby games. Ruby & I hated the Crusaders (still do tbh) and so we would always dress up and support the other team that was versing the Crusaders. We'd end up on TV and be so ecstatic.

Attending the Christchurch Cup Days at the end of the year was always so fun. Day drinking in the sun and placing bets at 90 is one of my favourite things to do.

Meeting the All Blacks after they won the world cup and getting a pic with Prince Harry was pretty damn cool.

And of course the legendary Speights wall that I had in my room in 2014. Built mostly by Ruby and I, it was a shrine to the great Speights and a place to reflect on how I earned my fresher 15, where my money went and also looked very cool on my wall. We aimed to get the tops down to the lightswitch, once it reached the lightswitch we threw a party. Great times with great mates. Love Speights. And good effort by two girls from Heriot.

Derby Dump was an amazing flat. I lived there with my besties. It was heavily damaged by the earthquakes and very unsafe to live in but we did it. It had black mould all through it, was on a lean, was very cold and damp, stunk bad, had an ant problem, holes in the wall and would still look messy even after you spent all day cleaning it, but it was honestly the best and funnest flat ever. So many great memories under that roof.

It's sooooo weird to think that this chapter of my life is officially over and now i'm an adult and got a degree.

What the actual eff.

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