Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood

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 When my best friend asked me if I wanted to be her other half at Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood, it was fair to say I was pretty bloody stoked.

She got the gift for her 21st birthday and I was soooo flattered when she asked me to come with her. It was pretty fitting too because if it wasn't for Sinead and our old school days on the Crookston bus, I would never have discovered country music - well apart from the odd Shania Twain track.

Pretty sure old Keithy-babe was loving himself sick up on that stage in the Caketin (formally known as Westpac Stadium in Wellington), for one we were a pretty darn good crowd and secondly, he hails from the far north of New Zealand, so surely he loved being back on the soil he was born on.

He performed some new tunes from his latest album, Ripcord, with my fave bangers being Wasted Time, Gone Tomorrow (Here Today), Blue Ain't Your Colour, That Could Still Be Us - shit, if i'm being honest every song off of that album is a bit of banger so they were all amazing and I sang my little heart out to every single anthem of Keith's, especially his older classics like Somebody Like You.

I think one of the best things about Keith's concert is that it wasn't overly flashy - which is pretty unheard of these days when you get these big ass artists kicking around and trying to outdo each other.

Keith and Carrie chose to wow us with their raw talent rather than blind us with bright lights and smoke machines and it was super refreshing.

Speaking of Carrie, holy shitballs she was ah-mazing.

She was drop dead gorgeous and her voice sounded exactly like her songs.

I loved Before He Cheats and Something In The Water the best. They're my fave tunes of hers. But I also enjoyed singing along to Jesus Take The Wheel and Blown Away, amongst others.

Honestly all and all, Keith Urban would have had to be up there with one of the best concerts I had ever attended. Coming in well behind Beyonce of course, but scooting in my top 5 definitely.

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