Jim Beam Homegrown

by - 23:49

Homegrown was amazing, unreal, awesome, crazy, fun and all the synonyms relating to those words - plus some more.

While I had to work it, I wasn't worried at all as it was a ripper of a day and my work was pretty cruisy. I just had to gather shots for a video I was putting together and film the bomb comp which we host each year down at the waterfront.

Jim Beam Homegrown is a festival to celebrate all the talented artists and musicians from all sorts of genres that we have here in Aotearoa.

I pretty much spent 95% of the day at the Dub & Roots stage. One because that was where I was working, two that's where my parents were, three that's where the best artists were and four it was too far to walk to any other stages #lazyass.

I did also visit the George stage for a bit, that was pretty rad.

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