Graduating NZBS

by - 19:26

Well, I've finally done it. 2 years of studying and a 6-month internship all done and dusted. Kapesh. Officially qualified.

It feels like it's been such a long time coming, and I guess it has. I officially wrapped up my studies with CPIT/Ara at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in May last year, but as NZBS only graduate once a year I had to wait until the next intake of graduations. So 10 months later, after handing in my final assignment, finally it's all over with.

Going to Christchurch to study at NZBS was probably the best decision of my life so far, not going to lie. I remember when I left Tapanui to go to Christchurch I was super scared as I didn't know anyone studying in Chch and I felt jealous that all of my friends were going to study in Dunedin. A week after living in Christchurch I had made some close friends that I will no doubt have for life and thoroughly enjoyed my studies learning radio. Plus, if I ever did miss my old friends, I just go down for a weekend otp in Dirty Dunners. A win-win situation really.

Now that I have officially graduated, all that is left of my student days is memories and a $40K loan.


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