Guns N' Roses

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So what could've possibly turned out to be the worst, most depressing weekend of my life due to some drama that went down, quickly turned into a not too bad one at all. Although obviously, it was still tainted by the unfortunate milestone that happened.

On Saturday the 4th of Feb, I headed to Guns N' Roses with one of my fab friends from work and another buddy.

My tickets were scored on a whim. Stace broke up with her boyfriend who she originally purchased the tickets for, and came into my office asking who wanted them.

Due to the circumstances I was in, I said yes and boy oh boy I am so glad I did.

It was an unbelievable concert.

There was easily 50,000+ people that packed out Western Springs Stadium to see GNR. It was literally insane. The weather was perfect, unlike Wellington's the night before, and the crowd was so cool. They were more than willing to sing and dance to the songs, but yet they were so chill and mellow. There was no pushing or anything of the likes - but there was a whole lot of weed.

Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and co rocked out for almost three hours. Taking the stage just after 8 and finishing at around 11. It was amazing.

Sweet Child O' Mine was an absolute banger, as was Knockin' On Heaven's Door. But to be honest, every song was simply amazing.

I'm never going to get the opportunity to see them again like I did. For one, free $200 tickets don't come around very often and two the buggars are old and you never know when they might cark it.

Brill show.

Here's some pre-show tiddly pics me and my fave gals took in the sun before we left.

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