Brisbane Global Rugby Tens

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The Brisbane Global Rugby Tens were one of the best possible weekends of my life. Two days of rugby heaven in the hot summer of Australia was the perfect recipe for me to have a ball.

We woke up on that Saturday morning in our room at the Tribeca Apartments and got into our costumes. We were supporting the Highlanders, so naturally, our costumes tried to reflect that. We wore viking-type hats with horns, bunched blue materials into toga-like dresses and painted our bodies in blue and yellow paint. 

Picture below of what we were inspired by:

Pictures below of what we looked like:

We came in pretty hot on the first day, not going to lie. 

We ordered a taxi van and piled in all happy and drunk and ready to endure the heat. Queensland was in a pretty intense heatwave while we over there. We're talking mid-forties. The type of heat that when you walk out of your air-conditioned apartment, you turn into a human sweatball.  We thought we had it bad having to watch rugby in that intense heat, but you could only imagine what the rugby players were feeling running around on the field at Suncorp Stadium.

Suncorp Stadium was super impressive. I had never been there before in my life, only seen it on TV, but the 52,000+ capacity stadium was the perfect venue for the tournament. 

Suncorp had situated huge industrial fans at all points of the stadium that sprayed out a nice, cooling mist which I believe saved me from heatstroke that weekend. The lines to get beer, food and drink were minimal and in general, the crowd was awesome. They were there to get a little rowdy, support their team and have genuine all around good time.

By the end of the first day, we were all a little tuckered out from the big day of drinking beers and watching the footy in the hot Brisbane sun. Stivey joed out in the stands for and hour and Mark went to hospital with heatstroke (gotta drink that water in between beers!)

Day two was much the same, although in my opinion not as good as the first day. We reinvented our costumes to become superman capes rather than togas, and were a bit slower off the mark drinking wise the next day.

No one joed out and no one went to hospital from out of our group that day, thankfully.

10/10 recommend going next year if you're a rugby fan - it was awesome!

After the tournament, we headed for a week in the Gold Coast and it was AMAZING!

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