UB40 in Queenstown

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Ahhh UB40, my first gig of 2017. What fun with my whanau and bestie.

The sun was beating down as I swung into Ruby's driveway in Lake Hayes Estate. We were both super excited, catching up on the previous 5 days since we saw each other, when I suddenly remembered I left the tickets at home. 


A quick phone call to Luc and the use of ruby's printer, and we were away laughing, tickets in hand. 

We decide to take the back roads into Queenstown, as you know, it can be rather busy during summer in QT and halfway down the road to the shotover jet, ruby realises she forgot her ticket.


So I spin the Tornado around, jitz it back to Ruby's, she runs inside and grabs the ticket (also sunscreen cos shit it was hot) and away we go again.

We realise then that we haven't had one single drop of alcohol for predrinks and we had just 30 mins until we had to be at the bus to get to the concert.


So we swing on into an alcohol store just by the high school, rubz marches in and grabs a Smirnoff Goon and a 6 pack of Speights.

Fuck yes.

We guzzle down a can of Speights each, meet mum and dad, give them a can each and we all skull one, and then we jump on the bus (goon hidden in ruby's bag) and chug the goon down by the time we reach the concert. 

4 Speights and half a litre of goon each in less than 45 minutes?

Fuck yes.

Feeling tiddly and bladders refreshed after taking a piss at the bottom of a gully, we were finally into the concert and greeted with the sweet sounds of Boh Runga and the ability to buy a whole bottle of wine to yourself at $25 a pop.

Fucking ayeeeeee!

I grab a Rosè, Rubz selects the Sav and we strut back to our spot on the lawn and start guzzling, preparing ourselves to bop along to some sweet rastafarian vibes from UB40.

After Boh, and some band that mum was fizzing over left the stage and UB40 jumped on, we were straight up there to dance along to the sweet, sweet tunes.

Homely Girl, Many Rivers To Cross & Redman, Red Wine all featured on the set list.

We danced with some old people (our parents and also the 70 year Olds who had a glow in from their bottle of wine each), we tried to not be racist but ended up being racist without the intention of being racist by dancing with a Jamaican couple, we had shots at Cowboys and also got a burger each from FergBurger & all in all it was a real hoot of a time.

It was great to see mums dreams come true by being at UB40 too. 

What a way to start 2017.

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