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Phew, almost through all of my old school travel posts I wanted to blog about. I've really enjoyed getting back into writing and going back down memory lane. It definitely makes me think just how lucky I have been in my life! So grateful for my parents helping me see the world.

Anywho, after we got off of the Oasis Of The Seas ship, we went to Orlando in Florida. Now, if you read about my shitass time in LA you could imagine that I wasn't overly pumped about getting back onto American soil and having to go on a 6 hour roadtrip from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I LOVED Orlando. Lets just not talk about the van trip there...

So pretty much my time in Orlando was everything I imagined America to be like. We did Disneyworld and Universal Studios while we were there and also had time to hit up one of the insane outlet shopping malls.

Disneyworld was our first adventure when we hit Orlando and it was so insanely cool. You're ~*supposed*~ to do Disneyworld over 4 days as there are 4 sections to the park. Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

But, as the machines we are, the Purser whanau smashed out a solid three parks in one day and managed to get on one ride at the forth park. All in one day. No Americans believed us when we told them, but it was very true and it was pretty exhausting to be honest.

The first park we did was Animal Kingdom. We knew we would be able to fly around that park. It was pretty much I gigantic zoo. It was super impressive and had any animal you could ever imagine.

Next we did Magic Kingdom as that was a must-do park. It was the one with the pretty castle and the princesses dancing around. The teacups ride was the best ride in Magic Kingdom - exactly like you see on TV and in the movies!

Third we did Hollywood Studios, which if i'm being honest I barely remember, and Epcot last.

The next day was onto Universal Studios. Universal Studios was amazing. The rides were epic and the fact that there was a tornado warning so no one was at the park and there were no queues to get on rides was choice as.

Dad, Luc & Zane went on the same rollercoaster four times in a row because they loved it so much and there was no line. Classic.

Perhaps one of the best things about Universal Studios was Harry Potter world. I'm not a massive Harry Potter fan, I mean, I've seen all of the movies more than once and read a couple of the books, but i'm a fangirl of the series. Anyway, nonetheless we walked into the Harry Potter World and it was like we were in actual Hogwarts land. The Hogwarts castle was right there in the background as we walked around the town, sipped on butterbeer and went into Ollivander's Wand Shop and down Diagon Alley - just like in the movie. SO INSANE.

But the best part of Harry Potter world was the absolutely mindblowing 4D ride. I felt so motion sick after I got off of it, but honestly the best ride i've ever been on to date. It felt like you were actually Harry Potter facing the dragons, flying on the broomstick, having spiders crawl over you even. A once in a lifetime experience that I still rave about to this day!

On the third day in Orlando we spent the day exploring and shopping.

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