New year, new yeah!

by - 01:36

Cheesy, huh. And that's not how I felt when I woke up on the first of January 2017.

I woke up dusty, on a slightly deflated airbed, with a chainsaw going off in my air, or should I say Dylan still passed out next to me and snoring his head off. I pulled myself off of the airbed and navigated my way through the sea of tents in tent city (aka Brooke and Mitch's backyard) and tiptoed through the swags in the garage to discover an absolute bombsite. 

A bombsite that was super fun the night before though to be fair. 

A broken beer pong table, a smashed up door, shattered glass, squashed cardboard, vomit, blood from sineads ass and other unidentified objects covered the driveway in front of the garage.

Some of my dear friends were already up examining the damage. 

It was the third day of partying, the third day of this kind of clean up. I think this was the worst of the clean ups though, well the one I least wanted to participate in anyway. 

Any who, we got it done and then sat in the sun for a few hours before I decided I had had enough partying and cleaning up so I packed my stuff up and left for home a day earlier than planned. 

I then slept for 16 hours on the 2nd.

Happy 2017.

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