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Jamaica is not one of those destinations that are at the top of most people's bucket lists i'm sure. But for my mum it was her dream to go to Jamaica and see where her favourite person in the world (apart from me) was from.

I'm pretty sure my mum was a Rastafarian in her previous life, and as soon as we stepped off of the boat and onto Jamaica it was like mum became the happiest person in the world.

When we got off of the cruise ship, we jumped in a van and was taken on a crazy drive throughout Jamaica to Nine Miles. The village where the one and only Bob Marley was born and where he was laid to rest when he passed away.

It was super scary in Jamaica, i'm not going to lie. The villages and ghettos that we drove through were pretty third world and when we arrived at the Bob Marley Mausoleum, we were greeted by two security guards who unlocked these big gates that were framed with barbed wire and as soon as we drove through into the carpark area, the security guards locked the doors straight behind us.

When we got out of the van, this little metre by metre square opened up in the fence and about three Jamaican fellas popped their heads through and yelled out something along the lines of "You want to buy some ganja, mun" and it was so funny. For one they sounded so Jamaican. Like what you imagine a Jamaican to be, they were exactly that. All barefooted, dreadlocks down to their waists and wearing rasta colours. Secondly, it was crack up cos they were offering weed so openly. And they were bloody big spliffs. And I think mum and dad paid like $5 or something like that for them.

I also remember them yelling out to my youngest brother asking if he wanted a brownie. So good.

The Bob Marley Mausoleum tour was so incredibly cool and so informative. And the whole time the sweet sounds of a reggae band were playing in the background and it was just so cool to experience.

I'm going to insert a bit about the Bob Marley Mausoleum Tour from Wikipedia below because it explains what I learned so well.

"The Bob Marley Mausoleum is a tourist attraction located in Nine Mile, managed by members of Marley’s family. It has many historical artifacts including guitars, awards and photographs. Nine Mile is where Bob Marley’s musical career began and also influenced many of his songs.

There is a Rasta-colored ‘rock pillow’ on which Marley laid his head when seeking inspiration. His body lies buried along with his guitar in a 2.5 m-tall oblong marble mausoleum inside a small church of traditional Ethiopian design. There are two mausoleums on the property. The first entered is Mama Marley’s. The second entombs Marley."
The rasta coloured rock was pretty amazing to learn about and mum was the only one to get down and lie on the rock where Bob Marley did, light up a spliff, look out over Jamaica and see what Bob saw.

 After the tour we jumped back into our van and traveled back to the touristy part of Jamacia. On the way back we stopped and tried some fresh sugarcane. Sugarcane was all over the island.

After chilling on the beach for a bit and meeting up with our other mates who we were on the cruise with (They did the Appletons Rum tour I think) we all jumped back on the boat and before we knew it our day in Jamaica was all over!

And while Jamacia left a pretty amazing impression on me, it seemed I left a pretty good impression on one of the local Jamaican boys. Because when I got back to the boat I saw I had a Facebook message from one of the boys who I was talking to there. Before you ask how he got my Facebook name, blame my mum. She gave him my details.

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