I hate fishing

by - 16:35

Well, river fishing mostly. But also sea fishing as I have been out multiple times and been sea sick pretty much every time. But at least I've caught something in an ocean.

I made Dylan take me out a few times during 2016 and this year in 2017. We'd hit up his spots where he would always catch a fish.

Maccas hole, down the gravel road in the paddock with lots of thistles, by the covered yards, and we would see plenty of fish. They'd follow us in, come up to top feed, swim around by our feet, but I could never for the life of me capture a damn brown trout.

And it wasn't just cos my casts had only a 40% success rate (with the other 60% landing in trees or I forget to flick the metal thing over and so when I cast it goes nowhere) because Dilmah could never catch a fish in my presence either - and he always catches fish.

So, I've come to the conclusion that my secret power is that I am a natural fish repellent.  

What a trait.

I'm yet to discover what is useful about my new found power, but I'm sure there will lie some benefit.

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