Freakshakes - Parnell, Auckland

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So if this looks delicious, then you are right. It was very delicious for the first 5 minutes. Then as I got halfway through the mountain of cream, icecream, Oreos and chocolate sauce - it quickly went downhill.

This is the Oreo Freakshake from Casa De Gelato in Parnell, Auckland. At $16 this was a little pricey to pay for a milkshake, but let me tell you it was all worth it for the 'gram.

The place was pretty packed when Dylan & I arrived on Saturday afternoon. We waited for half an hour before we were served with our freaky Freakshakes.

You could tell the cafe was MADE for Instagram addicts like myself. They had a bright blue wall decorated with a curtain of flowers situated next to tables which was the PERFECT backdrop for a nice bright Insta pic. Unfortunately those tables were occupied by hoards of young teenage girls all snapping a billion pictures to upload to their Instagram accounts that boast thousands of followers... Okay, maybe i'm being stereotypical but it's pretty true.

I would have loved to plonk my butt at one of those tables but unfortunately I had to scoot to the little garden tables next to them. Although, I had no complaints with the table that we had. We were right in the perfect spot to bask in the afternoon sun. It was bliss!

Anywho, I ordered the Oreo flavoured Freakshake, Dylan got the hokey-pokey one (that one was sweetness overload! It looked pretty, and had a cheesecake on top, but it was far too much sweetness! One bite was almost enough). The menu boasted around 10 different flavours of Freakshake, and you had the option of what flavour you milkshake inside actually was. I would love to be able to tell you how the milkshake actually tasted, but unfortunately my artieries were overloading and I didn't quite get down that far.

I can only assume it was delicious though. I mean it looked the part, and it wasn't too cheap either.

This is definitely a must when you're visiting Auckland. I mean who doesn't love a bit of foodporn?

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