Why I hate Uber

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First things first, lets get this straight. Uber here in New Zealand is way different to Uber in the US and the UK (well this is my assumption anyway). Here in New Zealand all of our Ubers are just un-signwritten Toyota Prius's. In fact, I have even been picked up by an Uber that was decked out in taxi apparel. We are talking wee taxi sign on the roof, fully signwritten, meter in the front type taxi.

Our Uber drivers don't offer you a can of coke or let you charge your phone. Maybe the odd one might offer you some gum, or ask you what radio station you want to listen to, but this is on the odd occasion..

Anyway, i'm getting side-tracked. I'm here to tell you about why I currently despise Uber and I have currently taken a break from using there services (there's no doubt i'll have no choice but to resort back eventually)

These incidents (yes plural) are going back a couple weeks now to when I was working 12 hour days (yes 10 days of work in a row all 12 hour days 5am to 5pm) and I decided that I would Uber to work in the morning so that I didn't have to walk in the dark in Auckland at 5'o'clock in the morning where the risk rate of murder is still too high in my books.

So on the Tuesday (day 2 of the 10 days) I get an Uber. The guy pulls up outside of my house, I hop in and he tells me to enter the address as I hadn't done that.

I explain that the reason I didn't put it in is because I don't know the exact address and say that if he drives to the end of my road and turns left then he will be on Ponsonby Road and my work is at the very end of that road. Super easy, or so I thought.

This guy is so persistant that he wasn't leaving until I put an address in. So I said fine, and entered the road that my work is on.

He starts off fine and then instead of turning onto Ponsonby Road (road pretty much by work) he goes the COMPLETE OPPOSITE WAY.

And I'm like hold up, hold up mate turn the car around, this is the wrong way. And Mr Persistant says 'No, no, no GPS says this way'

By this point I was starting to get a bit pissed off. We were already 5 minutes late due to old mate not letting me go without an address, and now he's driving THE WRONG WAY.

He finally turns around after I tell him that I will jump out of the car (not while it was moving, don't worry)

So finally he spins the Uber around and we get back on track.

But then he drives about 30 FREAKING K the whole way down the road. To make things worse he popped his little earbuds in and was listening to his music or something and could't hear me saying, we don't have to stop anytime soon it's way at the other end. Also keep in mind at 5am there is no traffic on the roads.

Anyway, we arrive outside of work, I have smoke pouring out of my ears and i'm so blunt to the Uber driver.

He tries to apologise, but it's too late. I'm not a rude person, so I wasn't rude to him at all, just could not be bothered with his annoying small talk as I was getting out of the car.

I normally rated every driver 5 stars, even if they're a bit iffy. But this guy was the first guy I had ever rated anything less. I gave him 3 stars and wrote the biggest paragraph ever about him.

I was honestly so furious. Plus, it gave me a bad start to a long day. I was not impressed.

So, that is one reason why I hate Uber at the moment. I have a couple more from during those two weeks of long-winded days at work that I may share a bit later on. I feel they were not quite as infuriating as this specific trip was though.

What's the worst Uber trip you have ever been on? Or have you been blessed and only had good ones?

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