21 thoughts on turning 21

by - 15:53

I turned 21 a few days ago, yippee! And since i've turned 21, here are some of my most recent thoughts.

1. I am an adult now

2. As I am an adult I will sort out my drinking and drink a lot less

3. Shit, I have a friends 21st this weekend...

4. Oh well, i'll be fine. I'll just have vodka and soda water, less cals

5. But then again i'm an adult now, maybe I should drink wine?

6. What am I thinking, I hate wine. Get me a beer!

7. I need to get my life sorted

8. Starting with my washing pile...

9. But that might be too big of a task for right now, I mean I have still only just turned 21...

10. Ugh but i'll need clean clothes for work tomorrow

11. Arghhhhhh work :(

12. But I don't actually mind work I love my job

13. And the money

14. Except I have to use the money on boring things like bills


16. My bank balance looks so sad

17. But Raro was deffs worth it #NoRagrets

18. I might start saving for my next holiday

19. Is $20 a week alright for saving?

20. I want to travel the world, i'm 21 I can do what I want!

21. But I wonder where mum thinks I should go...

There you go, an honest insight into my head on my thoughts since turning 21. Great I know. To be fair, and I guess everyone says this, I don't feel very different being 21. I don't know what I was expecting, but I did kind of think maybe I was going to change a little bit. Like grow up and mature or something. But to be honest, i'm exactly the same, if not worse than I was before!

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