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Today's tattoo happened on a bit of a whim. Completely unplanned, it was a bit of spontaneous fun.

My friend Hayley and I were wandering the streets of K Road, we got Thai food and chatted when we noticed the tattoo parlour next to us.

We had both been thinking of tattoos, but never really thought of putting our ideas into action. 

So we finish our Thai (I had a cashew chicken stir-fry mmmm...) and wander up the stairs into the tattoo place.

It was relatively quiet, only a couple needles going behind the wall and so we asked the owner a few questions. You know, just the usual. What's your minimum? Would you be willing to do 2 small tattoos for the minimum price? And when are you free?

Because we both only wanted small tattoos, the guy said we could get one right now.

Hayley and I looked and each other and giggled and then said 'fuck it' and off we went to fill out our forms while the tattooist drew up our designs.

My design is super simple. It matches my anchor on my opposite arm. It's a mountain, a conical mountain. It represents Taranaki where I grew up and where a lot of my family still live. Or a dorito, which I also love.

Hayley got a cool geometric, line-y type arrow with slight shading. I love hers so much!


What do you think of them - and have you done any posts on your tattoos?

See my tattoo wishlist here. Yes that's right, I ticked off one of them!

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