Auckland City Limits

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Hello darkness my old friend..

Kidding, I'm just obsessed with anything on Facebook that includes that song with it. It's instantly crack up in my books. My friends must get so sick and tired of me tagging them in videos or memes that include that in it but ah well, they can deal.

So not last weekend but the weekend before (so long ago I know) I went to the Auckland City Limits Music Festival and had an absolute ball.

I was meaning to share these pics the next day but it turns out I was hungover and didn't want to and then I had work on Monday and all week and it kind of slipped my mind a bit and now finally I decided that I need to get them up NOW!

I'm even skipping the gym tonight so I had time to edit the pics and post them!

So basically this was the first time ACL had been running and I believe it was based off of Austin City Limits in the US? Probably a whole lot smaller, but it was HUGE for Auckland.

Kendrick Lamar and The National were headlining but personally I was all about Kendrick rather than the other band. I had never heard of them and to be honest they aren't my genre so I stuck to the good stuff of Kendrick Lamar.

Other acts included a real Kiwi lineup including Fat Freddy's Drop, Che Fu, BROODS and Shapeshifter which are all some of my faves but my second favourite act of the whole festival after Kendrick was Girltalk.

I had never heard of him before but omg I got right to the front and LOVED him! He's a mash-up artist I guess you would say and he is insanely good.

Also, sorry that the pictures aren't much. Like I said I was heavily hungover on the Sunday so you could only imagine what I was like the night before... Eeek.

But overall I had the best time, so worth it, so great.

Only thing that was bad was the queues. To top up your wristband with money took flippin ageeeeesss and getting alcohol was even longer.

But on a positive note, the toilets were very clean which I was oh so pleased about!

10/10 would recommend and go again.

What's one of the best festivals you've ever been to?

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