The Gardens, Takapuna

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So I am slowly eating my way around Auckland, and one of my faves would hands down have to be this little gem my mum and I discovered in Takapuna.

It's called The Gardens and it's basically a courtyard that has a pizza place on one side, a bar and bistro on the opposite side, an outdoor bar at the front and then at the back it's a walkway and you can see all these nice shops.

The vibes were so good! We went on a Thursday which I believe is known to the youngins as 'Taka Thursdays" where the pubs and clubs in the beachy suburb are pumping. I'm yet to experience one of these though...

In the pictures below, behind my mum you will see that they have a love performer. This guy was AH-MAZING. He played some chilled reggae which my mum and I frothed over.

We brought Coronas by the bucket as it was cheaper that way (plus they look way cooler!) and while it was hard to select off of the menu, we decided on a bowl of fries, calamri rings and some sort of chicken that I can't remember the name of.

The food was not only presented amazingly, but it tasted like the best thing EVER. Well, the fries at least would have to be up there with some of the best fries that i've ever tasted. I don't know what their seasoning was but it did wonders.

The calamari rings were so yum - they were real squid which means they were rather unattractive to eat due to the chewy-ness.

By the time we got to the chicken we were chocka-block full with beers and our entrees, but we still picked away at it. And it was so yum - the corn was the nicest surprise though. Corn is kind of like a forgotten vegetable to me, but shit I love it!

Anyway, all up for a bucket of Coronas and three plates it was around the $70 mark, and then I brought another bucket of beers on top of that too.

I loved this place so much, I would deffs go back!

Oh yeah, and did I mention it's right opposite the beach?!

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