Meeting The All Blacks!

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Now this blogpost is going to be one of my favourites. I can tell already. For you, maybe not so much. But hopefully you will learn something?

I know rugby is not a very big sport around the world, it sits behind the likes of football, NFL & cricket. But here in New Zealand, rugby is HUGE. It's the sport that brings the nation together (and can also tear it apart...)

For those who are unaware of what rugby is, I feel this description from Urban Dictionary seems appropriate.

"Rugby: a game that only real men play, not like those pussy football players. No pads, rougher tackles, a lot more fun."

And if that doesn't give you enough information, I suggest heading to the Urban Dictionary for some more LOLs and to realise just how bad-ass rugby is.

Anyway, long story short, a week ago the All Blacks (New Zealand's National Rugby Team) won the Rugby World Cup that was played over in England. In the Rugby World Cup there were around 20 different teams from all over the world competing. And we won!!!!

As a rugby fanatic, I was ecstatic with the win and when a victory parade was announced in Christchurch, I jumped at the chance to be there to meet my heroes!

Below are some pictures with some of the rugby players, and me with the Rugby World Cup.

How blimmin' cool are those snaps!! To understand my excitement, think of your absolute favourite celebrity in the world and getting to meet them - freakin' unreal!

I made a wee YouTube video of the day if you wanna have a geeze, and see half the population of New Zealand crammed in like sardines to catch a glimpse of these legends!

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