Canterbury A&P Show

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It's A&P show season! I don't know if A&P shows are just a New Zealand thing? They're pretty much like a country fair. I think that's the best way to describe it.

A&P stands for agricultural and pastoral and to put it simply, it's mainly for the farmy folk. 

While yes there are rides, food and live music, majority of the stalls are selling farm assisting products. There's the odd jewellery stand, lucky dips for the kids, quirky fashion and what not, but as you gaze around the massive field, you'll mostly see a sea of tractors, harvesters, motorbikes, trucks, irrigation systems, silos... am I boring you yet?

I have to tell you guys one story that is pretty funny. So there was this wee carnival area full of rides and ferris wheels and those games that you pay shitloads for and win a wee 50c bouncy ball or whatever, and Dylan really wanted to go on a ride. The ferris wheel line was way too long and Dylan wanted something exciting.

Now, I get motion sickness and I was so not keen to go on any rides, but he didn't want to go on any by himself and I felt rude only selfishly doing what I wanted to do so I sheepishly agreed to go on this ride called 'The Hurricane'.

Anxiety stepped in as I walked up to the cart that we were going to be in. The rust was completely visible, the ride groaned and squeaked every time it moved and boy oh boy, I said a little prayer cos I was so sure I wasn't going to make it off.

I went on the ride, it was horrible. I hated every second. I felt ill, I felt queasy, I was not a happy chappy.

Honestly, ruined the rest of the day for me as I was so queasy and my tummy was unsettled for hours after.

The animals were so cute (and smelly!). I loved watching the horses the best. There is just something about those beautiful creatures that get me going. Dylan went and held a pet rat which disgusted me as I am petrified of them, and he spent the remainder of the day chasing me around with the rat germs on his hands.... EW!!!!

We finished the day off with beers in the sun, listening to a awesome cover band and comedian Jamie Bowen. I got sunburnt legs (I didn't know my legs could burn!) and got a bit tiddly which was so fun. I had an absolute blast and I can't wait for Tapanui's A&P Show next weekend!

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