Hills & Thrills

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Even though i've been living here in Christchurch for almost 2 years, there is still so much I have to see and do around here. It's a city that is constantly changing and evolving and a city that I love to hate.

I love Christchurch because:
  • It's pretty
  • I made lots of friends
  • There's lots to do
I hate Christchurch because:
  • Roadworks
  • Traffic
But anyway, the other day Hayley and I decided to do activities, but due to only having limited cash we decided to go for a wee drive up on of the hills that surround the city. The snow that fell just a couple days prior made for great scenic views over the city. 

We had to leave early as I was so scared that we were going to run out of petrol. I have this thing where if the tank is under 1/4 left I freak out. Since being a student i've become used to seeing my petrol light beam orange, but oh lordy does it give me the shivers. I absolutely HATE it! It's my worst fear. Bring on when i'm rich and can drive around with more than half a tank of gas at all times!!!!!

Anyway, twas a great day out with Hayley. We got an ice cream each and drove home and it was really nice to get out of the house on a Sunday avro.

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