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So I know me being FORCED to do sales isn't the worst thing in the world. I could be getting forced to work in a sweat shop getting paid 40c an hour or I could be forced to be out fetching fresh water kilometres away from my village. But... for me in my life right now, sales is the worst thing ever.

I actually seriously believe that I have telephonophobia. And i'm not going to lie, it's weird. My cellphone is attached to me at all times like another limb. I'm on it for social media, texting, taking pictures and calling my friends. But strictly my friends. Never ever would I dare call a stranger off of my phone. Not without suffering a small anxiety attack first that is.

Now, as I complete my degree in radio broadcasting I suddenly am always using my phone to call strangers. It honestly never gets easier, and the script I always try to follow crumbles and gets muddled throughout my blabbing of useless information that I am trying to tell the other person on the other end of the phone.

The worst thing is that I know that the stranger on the other end of the phone, listening to my over-rehearsed, boring, basic speech does not have the time for me. They want nothing more than to tell me to "fuck off". I know that. I understand that. I wouldn't want anyone bothering me and asking me for money either.

So, I always try to talk on the phone with a smile. I try to be polite, and even if they are mean I be nice. Kill them with kindness is my life motto.

Tomorrow marks my FINAL day of sales. Thank goodness. You have no idea the relief I will have. All the money my class has made will be counted. My whole class making the minimum $1850 each to pass - a massive feat.

Before I go to sleep tonight I will be counting down the hours until midday. When all of this torture is over. When I can go back to being stressfree, happy and have more time for myself.


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