Heading South

by - 23:15

Let's just say I had 60 hours this weekend, give or take a few, and here is how those 60 hours were broken down.
  • 16 hours sleeping
  • 7 hours at pub
  • 25 hours with my family
  • 12 hours driving
Wooh! So many hours dealt with in blocks. Honestly, I had a wicked weekend though and even though driving took up a lot of time, it was so worth it.

I love driving by myself. I get to have alone time, blast my favourite music, sing-a-long as crazy as I like, eat when I want, stop when I want and have a genuine good time. The drive home is fun, the scenery changes so much between Canterbury and Otago and I love it.

I took these photos on my phone while driving #illegal and I know I shouldn't have, but I did and I didn't have an accident which was extremely lucky!

Yay, can't wait to do the drive again in a few weeks!

Talia xx

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