First Snowfall

by - 17:56

So it's April which means it's autumn. And if I am correct, winter isn't until June but... here I sit, rugged up in front of the fire with a cup of milo staring outside. Outside hundreds and thousands of light and fluffy snowflakes are falling from the grey sky above. 

It's so pretty and calming to watch them fall and pile up on the ground, blanketing everything outside in white. It looks so crisp and not to mention cold outside. 

I went and took a couple of pictures, but not to many as the snow was still falling and I didn't want to get my camera to wet! I will definitely head out soon though when the snow stops falling and take some more pictures.

This morning I wasn't overly impressed about the weather as I had a lot to do. It was a great excuse to stay in bed though! So I  got up and made some eggs and then went back to bed and ate them while watching the snow fall. It was so cool and I felt like I was looking into a snowglobe!

It wasn't long though until I got out of bed to snap a couple pictures.

Talia xx

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