Summer Days

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Happy Monday! (Sunday to some..) I'm back for the year with a whole bunch of cool and (hopefully) unique posts! 2015 is set to be my biggest year yet. I'll be finishing my radio degree and gaining an internship somewhere around New Zealand, I hope to build my blog into something fantastic, juggle a part-time job somewhere as well as keep being committed to the gym! Whew.

At the moment it does seem a bit like i'll be climbing Mount Everest in jandals, but i'm sure once I figure out a regular routine I will be away laughing!

Getting my tan on whilst being sun smart! The zinc on my nose was my number one accessory while I was away :)

This last week i've been away boating and jet-skiing in a town called Cromwell. It's been fantastic! The sun beating down, clear blue water and surrounded by family and friends. A perfect break from reality.

 My concentration face while driving the jetski is a little bit of a cringe...

Cromwell is absolutely beautiful and I am so lucky that this lake is only just over an hour away from my house! This is the only photo I took of the landscape, and even though this shot doesn't do it as much justice as it should, the mountainous backdrop still looks almost fake!!! Love  Cromwell, and love Central Otago.

I'm currently going through my photos from Bali at the end of last year and can't wait to post them and show you guys! 

Hope you're having a fab day/evening/night!

Talia xx.

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