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have ... nailpolish. Probably my most loved beauty product. I'll be the first to admit that I could have makeup-less days everyday for the rest of my life, but all natural finger and toe nails? Ew no, I couldn't think of anything worse!!

I've only recently really started building up my nailpolish collection since i've been living away from home. Before I had my own money and could afford to buy nice nail polish for myself, I used to always sneak mums ones. As you can tell from the pictures, there are a few 'manky' looking polishes that probably need to be biffed, but I honestly don't think I could bring myself to do it! 

I have a total of 52 nailpolishes sitting on my nail polish rack on my bedside table. But that is not quite the total amount I own! My most used polishes are normally floating around on my desk, or on the coffee table in the lounge, or in the kitchen, or in my car...

My favourite row would have to be my collection of OPI's and that is why they sit on the top row. One they are the most exxy, two they are pretty, three I have the perfect amount to fit across the top!

I don't have my polishes in any colour coordination by any means (as you can tell!), but I do like to keep all my brands together. 

My nailpolish rack was a DIY job out of scrap bits of wood that I got my friend to cut to the right lengths and then all it took was a wee sand down, a bit of glue and a couple coats of white paint! Easy as and only took about an hour or so (not including waiting for paint to dry!)

What is your favourite brand of nailpolish and what is your current shade? I'm currently loving the OPI '18k Gold Don't Speak' over top of the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy 'Checkmate'! Looks so nice glistening in the sun and so subtle when inside!

Talia xx

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