by - 15:30

Yay! So because I am still studying we still have a ball like in high school. Except this was way different to high school balls as it was way more chilled and people didn't have to sneak their alcohol onto the premise - they could buy it there!

I was so excited all day (I woke up at 7am!!) and I cleaned my room spotless as my friends were all coming over to get ready with me. I won't say too much - i'll let the photos do the talking, but I had a really great night and everyone looked so so so good!

I'm still waiting for the professional pictures to be put up on Facebook, but you can check out my instagram in the next couple days and i'll be sure to put them up!

My dress was by City Chic, my hair was done by Rodney Wayne and my makeup was done at home by my friend.

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