90's Grunge Inspired

by - 18:17

Woohoo, the 90's. A fabulous decade for which I was only able to witness for five years. The 90's developed my obsession for the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, Furbys and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

And now my friend has thrown a birthday party with the theme being the 90's. Everyone of my friends and I couldn't wait to relive our childhood. With a playlist made with strictly 90's music, and everyone dressed in double denim, jelly shoes and bobble hair ties - it was a really good night!

However, I chose to step away from that kind of style which still was injected with a bit of the 80's bright colours in which I attended a few weeks ago and I stepped into the kind of 90's grunge costume.

I've never done a 'grungey' look before. I'm blonde and pale so I never wanted to try the whole dark eyes, dark lips for fears i'll look too 'emo'. But last night I ventured out of my comfort zone and attempted to pull it off.

I was lucky, because I didn't have to buy ANYTHING for this look. I had everything in my wardrobe. The only things I borrowed were my friends  Pure Heroine MAC lippy.

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  1. Love the theme I loved the 90s I just got to live them all. Love that your blog is a bit different new follower
    Carrieanne xx

  2. The theme was definitely very cool and very different! Thank you so much :) x