Saint Patrick's Day

by - 20:22

Monday the 17th of February was Saint Patrick's Day. As I have always been to young to legally drink, I have never really celebrated Saint Patty's Day as generally it is just an excuse for a massive 'piss up' at an Irish pub. Sooo... now I am eighteen, out of high school and free to do whatever I want, I decided I would celebrate Saint Patricks Day with a few of my good friends.

We pre-drank at my hall of residence and once we were tiddly/mowed we stumbled down to the local Irish bar. It was such a cool atmosphere. So many people from so many different countries all singing and dancing to classic Irish songs, drinking Guinness (personally I thought Guinness was absolutely vulgar so I stuck to the trusted Speights). Most people were decked out in their green gear and it was simply amazing. 
(Oh yeah, I snuck my pint out of the bar, I thought I was a legend for being so sneaky lol)

It did suck however, that this event was on a Monday. Tuesday morning (the day I am posting this blogpost) I awoke to my alarm at 7:30am as per usual. Buuuut... I was still fully dressed in my last nights Saint Patty's outfit (minus the pants), my room was a pig-sty, I had green paint from here to Africa (not really it was just all over my pillow) and so after my shower, I got dressed and made my way to school where I was forced to swallow a couple Panadol to subsidise my thumping headache. 

Anywho, other than the effects I felt this morning it was a bloody good night and I can't wait until next year!

How did your Saint Pat's day go? Did you celebrate? 

Until next time, 
Talia x

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