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For my class assignment this week we had to write 1500+ words on our media memories. Media memories are literally the things that have happened in media and have been memorable to us. This is what I wrote.

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As a devoted Kardashian fan, there were no surprises that Kim Kardashian’s second marriage to Kris Humphries will forever be imprinted on my mind as one of my favourite media memories. For months I followed the build up to the day. Through magazines, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s episodes, blog posts and constantly on almost every social media platform out there, I was able to know all of the details. I knew who was making her three wedding dresses, her colour scheme, the A-List celebs that were invited, the location, the price of the ring… EVERYTHING. I was so excited for the two part episode to air on E!, that I almost felt like I was the one getting married. At 8:30pm one night in 2011 I sat down eager and ready to watch Kim walk down the aisle. I had already prerecorded both episodes on MySky so that I could watch Kim’s big day more than once. The wedding did NOT disappoint. It was everything I had imagined and more. It made me fall even more in love with the Kardashian’s and especially Kim. 
After 72 days, when Kim filed for divorce the magazines were replaced from pictures and articles of the happy newlyweds cheery and loved up, to articles and pictures of them in complete turmoil. Once again, I was caught up in the ‘Kardashian Khaos’. I found myself trying to defend Kim to my friends but then I would read a magazine and all of a sudden I was on Kris’s side, then I would see Kim tweet about the ordeal and all of a sudden Kris was back to being the bad guy. I honestly think I ‘Keep Up’ too much with the Kardashians… Such a bad obsession that I have cradled since the beginning of time. I get teased quite a bit for loving them so much, but they’re everything I aspire to be and more. #fangirl.

As I got older, music discovery was a big thing for me. I loved having all the latest songs on my iPod and listening to them on the bus to and from school, in the car and in bed. When I was about 13 years old, I used to watch MTV (when it was literally MUSIC Television, not full of shows such as Teen Mom and Geordie Shore) as well listen to all the different radio stations that played the top 40 new songs. When I heard a song that I liked, I would scribble it down on my little notepad and then boot up our solid, looking Windows 95 PC computer and open up Limewire. There I would search for the songs I had written down, download them and then have to wait a VERY long time for it to be mine on my computer. One, because dial up was SUPER slow, and two Limewire was a torrent site and you would have to scan through all the torrents to see whether or not it was a virus or not. I would then go into iTunes and finally add them to my library. The fact that I used to go through ALL this just to get a High School Musical song, or one of Usher’s hits actually makes me cringe! I will be forever grateful for my debit card being connected to iTunes so I just simply have to click on a song and it is literally on my phone in less than a minute. #NoPirates’RoundHere.

Music is one of my more prominent media memories. I can link different songs to a whole bunch of different milestones in my life. When I was very young, the Spice Girls were my addiction. I would walk around our small farm house in Opunake blasting ‘Wannabe’ & ‘Stop Right Now’ through my tape recorder. I would sing through the microphone to my little brother & put on Spice Girls concerts for mum and dad at night while they were watching tv. Just hearing a Spice Girls song brings memories flooding back of my 5th birthday party. It was Spice Girl themed. I was dressed as Scary Spice, my 3 year old brother was dressed as my manager. All of my friends and cousins came dressed as one of the Spices. Even my nana came as ‘Nana Spice’! My semi-estranged cousins and I would create dance routines to their songs, some moves I can even recall now! I had every Spice Girl doll, every Spice Girl book, every girls magazine with them on the cover, a watch and even went to a ‘tribute’ concert where fake Spice Girls put on a concert and sung Spice Girl songs! #PreKardashianDays.

My best friend and I were the first two people on our school bus every morning (minus our siblings) after we greeted each other good morning, we were straight in to sharing headphones and jamming out to all our music on my iPod Classic. We didn’t listen to a specific genre per say, but we did have some favourite beats that we enjoyed more than others. It was on the school bus that we learnt how to rap to ‘Fergalicious’, ‘Hip-Hop Police’ and ‘Gangster’s Paradise’. It was also on the bus that we attempted to sing ‘A Thousand Miles’, ‘Irreplaceable’ and random Enrique Iglesias songs. I’m sure the bus driver hated how loud we got and I know that the other students on our bus run HATED our singing voices. But personally I think them having to listen to our 45 minute singing session every morning before we got to school really got them in the right frame of mind for a good days learning.

But not all of my memories linked to songs are happy like that. When my close friend died suddenly in February 2011, the two songs ‘Coming Home’ by P.Diddy & Skylar Grey and ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry were played at her funeral. Whenever I hear either of the two songs I instantly think of Finny and start to miss her. Memories of rugby tournaments, being dicks together at school, taking selfies and doing our hair crazy come flooding back as well as the overwhelming feeling that she is never coming back.

I got my first cellphone when I was nine. It was a christmas present from mum and dad. I thought I was the coolest kid ever when I unwrapped it from under the tree. I ran straight to my room to begin the 12 hour charging process. The whole day I was distracted, just waiting for my phone to be ready to use. Finally when the Nokia 2280 was ready to be used, I am pretty sure I was glued to it the whole holidays. I couldn’t get any of my friends contact details, because back then I wasn’t on any social media site, in fact I am not even sure if any were created then? Or at least popular. So for a long time my only contacts were mum, dad, a few aunties and uncles and the grandparents home phones. I didn’t really use my phone for much more other than playing Snake. Finally, when school started up again I could show off my new phone to everyone. Only one other friend had a phone and so we exchanged numbers and for most of the year we would be the only two to text each other because we were the only two who had phones!!!!! #hipster.

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Taranaki. Until I started school, Mum would wake me and my brother up at 4:30am and take us down to the cowshed where we would sit in the little playroom Mum and Dad had created for us and watch videos all morning until the cows had been milked and the cowshed was cleaned. Barney and the Magic Egg was always a favourite… I wouldn't be surprised if I could recite every single line of the film if I watched it right now. The Looney Tunes was another classic we watched. My favourite Looney Tune was Tweety Bird. When I first went to Australia when I was eleven I brought so much Tweety Bird merchandise from Movie World to fuel my almost decade old love for the character. What now is there to mention other than the Kiwi classic tv show of What Now. I loved this show so much that one of my goals on my bucket list was to go to Christchurch and watch a LIVE show of What Now. That was my ultimate dream. I was the kid who would call up the teleops and try enter every competition available. I’ve won a few things from them over the years including a joke book and a cook book (both books signed by the hosts) but I have never, ever been so envious as to when my brother Luc got all the questions right to one of the ‘Music Mashups’ and won a BRAND, NEW iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that a dedicated What Now’er like myself could only win small mundane prizes, while my younger brother who only watched What Now because I did could win an iPod Touch. While I watched What Now, there were many different presenters. But the main presenters I remember from my childhood was Shavaughn Ruakere (Shortland Street) & Jason Fa’afoi as well as reoccurring guest/ host Jason Gunn. But my all time favourite host was Prop’s Boy. Prop’s Boy never talked, you never saw his face and he was generally crazy. I loved him. Of course, the real reason everyone watched What Now was for the slime. The gooey, green gunge that would constantly be thrown around every episode. It was every child’s dream. It was silly, it was gross, you’re adrenaline would build up waiting for the next unsuspecting person to be gunged!

Because I grew up with my two younger brothers, they would often win the remote from me. My whole life I have pretty much had to watch ‘boys TV shows’ such as Pokemon, WWE and Phineas & Ferb. These shows all had one thing in common - an element of violence. Whether it be tame such as Dr Doofenschmirtz being tricked by Perry the Platypus into electrocuting himself or aggressive violence like in the WWE, I would have seen the episode. Of course, these ‘boys TV shows’ didn’t stop just by me flicking off the TV, or going to go hide in my bedroom because… my brother’s would use their imaginations to turn these television shows into a real life role-play game. Instead of watching John Cena do the ‘you-can’t-see-me’ to the Batista and cringe as the wrestlers were thrown around, I was actually a character in my brothers WWE game. The lounge was our arena, the ends of the couch were ‘the corner’s of the ring that we could leap off’ and our only rule was that you could only stop when there was blood. So often after school in the afternoons, Mum and Dad would come home from the cowshed and find that the lounge resembled a bomb-site, one of us three kids would be in our rooms crying from the injuries that we obtained ‘play-fighting’ and the other two of us kids would be trying to shift the blame of hurting our sibling onto each other.

What are some of your media memories? Any similar to mine? Or are they vastly different?

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