Life Lately... According to my iPhone

by - 21:00

1. I completed my first official interview as a broadcaster.
2. Went out for a pizza date with Hayley.
3. Had an awesome marae trip with my fantastic radio whanau.
4. Got absolutely drunk out of mind to the point where I was kicked out of Maccas. 

5. There was torrential rain in Christchurch for two days straight causing bad flooding in the CBD
6. Met Guy Williams at SummerStein and O Week event.
7. Tikka, the new puppy my family got to replace me.. the new 'bitch' of the house.
8. My wee baby Optimus died :(

So as you can tell, the last two weeks have had a lot of different activities etc. Some happy, some sad. I am really, really enjoying my course doing Radio Broadcasting. 

Talia x

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