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Wassup peeps!

Talia here. This is my first official blogpost for my new blog that was launched today! Yaaaaahooo. So, I thought that I had better share some history about me so that you guys can maybe understand the blog a wee bit better, or at least the person behind the blog.

Normally, I would absolutely HATE talking about myself. I’m not one who skites about all my achievements, or goes on and on about things that don’t really matter to anyone but me. But as of late I have been attending a lot of interviews for things such as scholarships and courses for next year and the first question always tends to be the same - ‘Tell us about yourself.’ At first, I would either avoid the question or direct it in the complete opposite way, but I soon learned that to get to know someone you do need them to tell you about themselves, so here goes.

I’ve tried blogging before. Many times before actually. I think that my I made my first blog in 2007 (I would’ve been eleven) and I have no idea what it was called, but I know that I used to pretty much just post those ’40 random questions’ things that you see in everyones Facebook’s notes from a few years back. A bit of a cringe really. I remember I only deleted it because I couldn’t get past two followers (so bitchy lol). I think I had two more blogs in between my first one and this one that you are reading now. Both of them were epic fails to. On one I tried my hand at drawing pictures on paint and trying to illustrate a story and the other was just me writing about my cats. So, as you can see not a very good track record of blogging - but we will see how we go this time around!

Instead of creating this blog, I did seriously consider creating a YouTube channel. One where I would just yarn about the things going on in my life, complete some tags, make up some competitions, get rich, get famous etc etc. I thought it could be good practice for my broadcasting career that I will be embarking on next year. But then I thought ‘Heeeeeeeell no’. Why? Well for a very good reason actually. At the moment I am sitting here in trackies, a hori old single and odd socks. My hair is in a real effed up looking bun and I have not even the tiniest smidge of make-up on. But who cares! You can’t see me. If I didn’t tell you what I’m wearing right now, you could think I was sitting here in the $10 million bra that Candice Swanaepol wore in this years VS Show! Obviously, that would never happen - but you catch my drift. If I had a YouTube channel, I would have to make myself look at least half decent for my videos (which is a massive mission in itself) or else no one would watch them as they would be to scared!

This blog has no category. It’s not dedicated to just beauty, it’s not dedicated to just animals, nor is it dedicated to just food and fashion. But it will be a healthy mix of all. Everything will be me aswell. I’ve learnt since my first blog that is not about the amount of followers you have, it’s about engaging with the ones you’ve got. I’ve learnt this through radio as well. A few weeks ago I started at the local radio station as the new ‘producer’. Basically, I just yarn on the radio with the main DJ and then after the show I help prep tomorrows show, go out and do promos and all that good stuff. It’s awesome learning there, and I can’t wait to take my new knowledge of radio to Broadcasting School next year!

Anywho, I didn’t really talk much about my qualities and what not in here, so I kind of did what I do in my interviews and direct the question elsewhere. But oh well. You’ve got a little bit of background, and hopefully you will find out more about me from each post!

Chow for now,

Talia :)

Note: This post was originally written at the end of 2013

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging and good luck! Hope to see you stick around for a while this time :) xx